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 Wood Thief Hideout

EST. | 2019

318 Anderson St.

Nelson, BC V1L3Y1



4PM - Late

Closed Tuesdays


Closing for Vacation

The Wood Thief and his family are taking

a two week vacation to visit grandparents.

We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Sept. 22 - Oct. 6

Current Ongoings

Having navigated that pesky pandemic by offering take out only, we are now reopen for dine-in service! 

We would like to thank our community (and especially our regulars) for all of the continued support these past few months. We are so happy that summer is now here and we can invite you to enjoy our space, inside and out! 

We have 2 new picnic tables in our licensed parking lot so groups up to 6 can sit down in this new space to enjoy their food and drinks. That said, our covered porch, and cozy interior, are also welcome dining options. 

YOUR Local Hideout

All stealthy wood thieves require a discreet place to return to come nightfall; a dwelling in which to feed, toast and chum around.  We welcome you and your kind into our cozy sanctuary, a place to kick back with your pals and reminisce about your latest mission. 


4PM - Late

Closed Tuesdays




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